Zeigler Parrot Maintenance – Medium & Large Parrot – 5/32″ Pellet – 20 lbs


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Zeigler Parrot Maintenance – Large Pellet

Nutritionally complete diet for Macaws, Large Amazons and Large Cockatoos. Zeigler Parrot Maintenance – Large Pellet (3/8″) is 100% edible, therefore eliminating the waste associated with messy seed hulls. It contains all of the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals required for proper body conditioning and feathering. Zeigler Parrot Maintenance utilizes stabilized vitamin C and chelated minerals to enhance tissue development and repair. Fruit flavored for increased attractability. Nitrogen preserved to ensure freshness. Fed by leading U.S. avian breeders and zoological parks. It comes in a 20 lb. bag.