Zeigler Monster Diet – Tortoise Diet – 20 lb


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Zeigler Monster Diet – Tortoise Diet

Tortoise MonsterDiet is a scientifically formulated, vegetable protein based diet for herbivorous land tortoises such as African Spur Thigh (Sulcatas), Red-Foot, Yellow-Foot, Leopard, Russian, Gopher and Pancake. This diet uses high quality protein and fiber sources blended with optimum vitamin and mineral levels to promote maximum growth, proper shell development and longevity in one simple package. In the wild, land tortoises consume a large variety of different foods. Trying to mimic this type of diet with grocery produce is difficult and risky. A balanced diet is key to warding off diseases such as metabolic bone disease, bladder stones, renal disease and the condition referred to as pyramiding. Tortoise MonsterDiet utilizes natural grains and ingredients such as carrot, dandelion, celery, beet, parsley, lettuce and watercress to provide the nutrients required for long-term maintenance.

Available in 14 oz. and 20 lb. packages.