Wodent Wheel Sugar Glider/Hamster 8″ Diameter Exercise in ASST. Colors

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NOTE: PICTURES ARE FOR COLOR EXAMPLE ONLY – 8″ WHEELS HAVE ROUND ENTRY HOLES WHILE 11″ WHEELS HAVE ARCHED ENTRY HOLES: GREAT FOR DWARF/REGULAR HAMSTERS, MICE, SUGAR GLIDERS, GERBILS, AND OTHER SMALL PETS Wodent Wheel Jr. 8″ diameter, 2.6″ wide, 2.1″ entry holes. Overall height 9.1″. Best for hamsters, mice and other small pets Wodent EXTRA NAILTRIMMER TRACK INCLUDED!(GREEN ONLY) Trims your pet’s nails as they run on the wheel! Complete instructions included. Wheels feature a unique design with a safe solid running surface and a support stand without dangerous pinch areas. The only exercise wheel recommended and approved by the ASPCA during their Seal of Approval program (1999-2006). Rodents are attracted to the wheel’s entry holes, hamsters avoid broken legs and strangulations, and sugar gliders go absolutely nuts on these wheels. Even rats love running since they don’t get their feet hurt and their tails whacked by unsafe axle supports.. Wodent Wheels are easily disassembled for cleaning and are constructed of tough, safe plastic with a stable base of heavy-gauge painted (baked-on powder coated) steel. Wodent Wheels are low cost, much safer and quieter than conventional wire exercise wheels, and have a clean, simple design using recycled and recyclable plastics. SUGAR GLIDERS U.S.A. is owned & operated by U.S. Army Veterans