RZilla Incandescent Day Blue Bulb (100 watt)_DX

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RZilla Incandescent Day Blue Bulb (100 watt)_DX

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Easy, low cost source of heat, light Shatter-proof coating keeps pets safe Heavy duty filaments for longer bulb life A time-tested solution for reptile health and comfortThe proven reliability of incandescent bulbs makes them ideal for entry level terrariums, and added features mean they’re an attractive addition to any setup. The silicone exterior coating of each bulb prevents shattering and keeps glass chips from falling into an enclosure. R-Zilla bulbs also feature heavy-duty filaments that yield more hours of service from every bulb. Choose from a full selection to meet specific pet care needs.SIZE- 100 WATT DAY BLUE LIGHT / DIMENSIONS- L7.50 W5.00 H2.75