Reptile & Exotics Supplies Reptile Sand Smky Sands 4/10Lb

Reptile & Exotics Supplies Reptile Sand Smky Sands 4/10Lb Price: $42.77 (as of 10/08/2022 22:04 PST- Details)


An all natural calcium substrate, ideal for desert dwelling reptiles and arachnids. The naturally spherical grains wont scratch your valuable animals inside or out! There are no artificial dyes or chemicals in Reptilite. This low impact substrate also contains strontium and magnesium while being free of silica and phosphates. Though not intended as a food source or supplement, it is 100% edible and easily digestible. In fact, Reptilite is made of aragonite, the most soluable form of calcium carbonate available. Allowing reptiles to easily ingest necessary calcium for proper bone development. Extremely affordable, and easy to use; just add to a depth of approximately 2 inches. Spot clean daily and replace the entire bed every 4 to 6 months. The product is trusted by professional reptile breeders and hobbyists alike.