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BIO DIGEST is a hyper-concentrated bacterial compound that satisfies two functions: Installing biological filtration and digesting aquarium waste.Packaging the ampoules under nitrogen allows for very long conservation and makes it very economic as each ampoule is 100% effective.Use BIO DIGEST when starting up an aquarium, during nitrate surges, after filter cleaning, in poor quality water: cloudy water, unpleasant odors, spread of algae… BIO DIGEST digests organic waste, cleans the aquarium, reduces nitrates, phosphates, fights algae and, through a probiotic effect, reduces the risk of unexplained illness.BIO DIGEST, when used regularly, re-establishes optimal proportions of key bacterial strains and improves water quality.The purifying action of BIO DIGEST is enhanced when used in conjunction with Bio Trace Fresh Water and Bioptim Marine. USE EFFECT DOSE When starting an aquarium Rapid setup for nitification and biological balance 1 vial per 600 L For nitrite surges when adding fish Adjustment of nitrification activity 1 vial for the filter After a bactericidal treatment Boosts biological filtration 1 vial for the filter Aquarium cleaning, algae proliferation Elimination of algae, excess food and refuse 1 vial up to 10000L every 15 days Red algae in salt water Rebalance of nitrates/phosphates 1 vial up to 10000L every 15 days Diseases Reduction of stress and pathogenic micro-organisms 1 vial up to 10000L every 15 days Regular maintenance To optimise ratios between usefull strains of bacteria 1 vial up to 10000L every 15 days