Kordon (Novalek) Metal Oasis BASIC HOLD-GUARDS Mount Bottle Guard – 8oz


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Oasis Sturdy Metal bottle guards are the best way to guarantee that your pets don’T do destructive chewing. The trend in today’s cages to have wider spacing between bars offers a nice view of your pet, but it also offers the pet more access to the water bottle and cap. Pets will reach out between the cage bars and chew on any exposed edge. The first or primary chewing site is often the edge of the plastic angled cap, which can actually sustain quite a bit of damage before getting to the point where it will leak. As soon as the cap is chewed away, the rim of the bottle is exposed. When your pet chews on its water bottle or cap, two things can happen. The tiniest and seemingly harmless pin-sized hole will cause the bottle to lose its vacuum, resulting in a leak. Any pieces of plastic removed from the bottle or cap can be ingested by your pet (which (thankfully) are usually harmless to the animal or bird doing the chewing) Royal Item Number: SOA80052