Nekton-Rep Calcium-Pur Pure Calcium for Reptiles and Amphibians,35g (1.24oz)

Nekton-Rep Calcium-Pur Pure Calcium for Reptiles and Amphibians,35g (1.24oz) Price: $7.99 (as of 22/03/2023 15:40 PST- Details)


A pure calcium supplement without vitamin D3. Suitable for reptiles and amphibians. Animals that are sufficiently supplied with UVB light in the terrarium or free-living animals with sufficient exposure to the sun (about 10 hours) produce their body’s own vitamin D and thus need no extra vitamin D3 in the product. Otherwise, we recommend our NEKTON-Rep-Calcium + D3. NEKTON-Rep Calcium-Pur is used to prevent and compensate calcium deficiency and its diet-related sequelae such as rickets. Highly effective and microfine, for optimum adhesion to food animals or to green forage. 0.30 g NEKTON-Rep-Calcium-Pur per kg body weight daily, or 1 g (1 level scoop) 2x per week. Not soluble in water, suitable for pollination of the food / feed animals. Storage: NEKTON-Multi-Rep should be stored dry and out of sunlight, between 15° and 25°C. DO NOT STORE IN THE FRIDGE!!! Recommendation: Disinfect drinking vessels and food containers daily with NEKTON-Desi-Natural to guarantee hygienic and clean feed! Composition: Calcium carbonate Analytical constituents: Calcium 38% (naturally highly concentrated calcite)