Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Eletrolytes & Probiotics 2.8oz

Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Eletrolytes & Probiotics 2.8oz Price: $17.06 (as of 16/08/2022 23:00 PST- Details)


Extensive research shows that bearded dragons, as well as other reptiles, need to have the proper electrolytes to maintain proper health, especially when going from one habitat to another. HerpPro provides assurance that the Bearded Dragon bought will have a better chance of survival. Herp Pro Electrolytes + Probiotics for Bearded Dragons is a mineral supplement specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of most reptiles and amphibians combined with a soluble Calcium and Fructose which assists in the absorption of Calcium Contains Calcium carbonate, Calcium lactate, Zinc sulfate, Manganese sulfate, Magnesium oxide, Iron sulfate, Copper sulfate, Cobalt sulfate, sodium, Iron oxide, natural flavors, trace elements from Kelp important for optimum health in a bearded dragon Also contains Fructose, a fruit sugar which enhances the animals ability to absorb Calcium and Calcium lactate a form of Calcium which is water soluble and more easily absorbed by the animals system. This assures that a weak or juvenile animal will have Calcium readily available.