Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb – 160 Watts (120V)

Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb – 160 Watts (120V) Price: $48.95 (as of 25/06/2022 14:39 PST- Details)


This lamp is our top-of-the-range 160 watt SB Par-38 Narrow Flood Lamp which has been shown in tests to produce similar amounts of UVB to natural sunlight! – along with adequate heat to create a basking spot at the recommended distances, in many circumstances. This ReptileUV Mega Ray original design provides the necessary UVB, UVA and heat for your UVB-dependent basking reptiles. Using cutting edge technology coupled with five years of dedicated research and testing, we have conquered and significantly reduced the huge decay rates so common in other Mercury Vapor lamps. While other bulbs decay as much as 80%, our newly designed SB bulbs decay less than 30% over the life of the bulb. This is unseen in the industry. Our ReptileUV original design Mega Ray SB 160 watt Narrow Flood Lamp produces more UVB than other true Mercury Vapor Floods, yet is safer for owners! Our design directs the majority of the UVB from the face of the bulb, rather than diffuse it across a 180° angle. Mega-Ray SB 160-watt narrow-flood is a 160-watt SB Par-38 True Frosted Flood Lamp. A true flood lamp, it will disperse usable UVB in a 30″ circumference at a 20″ distance. MINIMUM distance setting of 18″ will produce approximately a UVI reading of 5-7 and 900-1200uW/cm2 of UVA. MAXIMUM distance setting of 24″ will produce about a 3 UVI reading (Distance is measured from lamp face to basking spot or reptile for optimum UVB and heat.) Most people with UVB or UVI meters are getting 18+ months use out of our SB bulbs. This 160-watt self-ballasted bulb also produces heat. It is very important that you monitor the heat at the basking area and adjust the fixture-to-basking area distance accordingly to maintain a proper heat gradient. ALWAYS *triple* check the temperature at the basking spot – never risk burning your reptile.