hygger Aquarium Decoration, Police Box Fish Tank Ornament (Police Box)

hygger Aquarium Decoration, Police Box Fish Tank Ornament (Police Box)

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Want to make your lovely small fish have a happy life in your aquarium?
Want to make your aquarium tank looks cool, distinctive?
Want to give a special and interesting gift to your boys or girls as an addition to theri aquarium tank?
Our this decorative castle is a perfect choice for you.
This aquarium decoration castle is hand painted with lots of details on the front, side and back, looks more mystical and dreamy underwater.
It can be a wonderful addition to your tank. Small fishes would love to swim around and through the castle. And it also have holes for small fishes to go in and out.

Great hideout cave for small or young fish & aquatic pets such as clown loaches, young shrimp, betta, acara, blue rams, guppies, crawfish, axolotl, blood parrot, snails, sucker fish, convict cichlid, platties.
The castle is resin material made, durable and light weighted, the paint is non-toxic harmless and will not chip off. Safe to use in fresh water or marine aquariums.

Material : resin
Fish tank size: 10-100gallon, tank tall no less than 15inch

Cleaning Tips:
1. Before putting the castle into your tank, you can wash it in clean water to wipe off the dust and the paint smell.
2. There is no need to clean the resin ornament too often, you can wash it in flowing water when you change your tank water.

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