Higgins Pet Food Wordly Cuisines Tuscan Dream Cook, Cool & Serve Food 1 pack ( 13 oz)


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Higgins Worldly Cuisines® are the natural, healthy foods that add variety to your companion bird’s meal time. Worldly Cuisines® bring together eight flavors inspired by different regions of the world. Just cook, cool and serve. Worldly Cuisines® are meant to be fed along with whatever food (seed mix or extruded morsels) birds are eating. Worldly Cuisines® offer natural, exotic variety and textures and are free of artificial dyes and preservatives. TUSCAN DREAM® is reminiscent of the gardens of Tuscany with tomato, celery, carrots, almonds and more all mixed into a fluffy bed of natural, tri-color couscous pasta and low salt vegetable broth. You’ll soon be intoxicated with the aromas of vegetables and spices that fill the air as it cooks. Cooks instant in 5 minutes!