Frisian Foal

Frisian Foal

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Sophisticated in sable, Frisians are showy and slender.

Originally from the Netherlands, ancestors of the modern-day Frisians valiantly carried Knights into battle, humbly worked on the farm, and victoriously competed in trotting races. Now, Frisians hold the privilege of serving as carriage horses, dressage competitors, circus participants, and many more. This active horse has countless desirable features including ‘feathers’ on their lower legs, thick manes and tails, healthy bone structure, good carriage, and willing temperaments. Ranging between fourteen and seventeen hands, this breed boasts a beautiful trot.

Fun Facts: When foals are first born, they can’t eat grass because their long legs make it impossible for them to reach it.

Zoological Name: Equus ferus
Conservation Status: Domesticated
Global Home: Worldwide