Extreme Dog Fence® Brand Complete Professional In-Ground Dog Fence Wire Repair Kit

Extreme Dog Fence® Brand Complete Professional In-Ground Dog Fence Wire Repair Kit

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eXtreme Dog Fence® brand COMPLETE professional grade dog fence wire repair kit. This the most complete dog fence wire repair kit that you will find on Amazon. Our repair kits are compatible with ALL brands and models of in-ground dog fences (Invisible Fence®, Dogwatch®, PetSafe® and Innotek®, Perimeter Technologies®, Dog Guard®, SportDOG®, Dogtra®, and all others.)
Luckily, the one part of an in-ground dog fence system that is compatible among all systems is the wire. As such, it’s easy to repair any wire that has degraded, been accidentally cut, or even hit by a mower due to poorly secured above ground wire runs.

Each wire repair kit contains the following items:
• 14 Gauge wire with 60 mil. Polyethylene Coating – UV Protected, Direct Ground Burial Rated (10′, 20′, 50′ or 100′ length)
• 2 Professional Level Waterproof 2-Piece Wire Splice Kits
• 5 Dog Fence Ground Staples (6″ x 1″)

To repair your damaged dog fence wire, you should follow these steps:
1. Locate your wire break using an RF choke or a wire break locator (which we also offer in our Amazon store).
2. Cut away any damaged wire that needs to be replaced.
3. Cut a length of replacement/repair wire to match the damaged area (leaving an extra 6″ of wire as a working buffer)
4. Using wire strippers, cut away about 1″ of the wire jacket, exposing the copper core on both the existing wire and length of repair wire
5. Cut twisted wire ends down to about 1/2″ of exposed copper
6. Twist wire nut over exposed wire ends
7. Insert wire nut into splice capsule (down to bottom)
8. Lock capsule lid, securing wires in place.
9. Test your repair