Efilwen Mont Powder 40g Mineral Additive Shrimps Invertebrates Betta Fish Aids in Molting


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Excellent mineral additive for water improvement, the minerals within the montmorillonite aids moulting of shrimps such as calcium. Contain sufficient nutrition’s that encourage growth, health and higher survival rates of the shrimps. The Benefits to using Montmorillonite Powder 1. Gives Crystal Clear Water 2. Improves colouring to your shrimps 3. Gives vital minerals to shrimps 4. Helps degrade pollutants in the water 5. Natural ion exchanger 6. Helps to stabilizes the pH between 7-7.5 Instructions: This product is 100% natural and can be aided to food or added directly to the water. Dissolve in water before being added to aquarium water Dosage: 0.5g per 100 Liter once weekly. Package: 40g