Ecosystem Aquarium Miracle Mud (Marine) 5 lb

Ecosystem Aquarium Miracle Mud (Marine) 5 lb Price: $37.99 (as of 28/05/2022 08:36 PST- Details)


Miracle Mud is a product of EcoSystem Aquarium that has been carefully formulated to include all the essential trace elements, minerals, and components necessary to maintain a successful aquarium.Miracle Mud will continually replenish your aquarium`s concentration of trace elements and minerals to create an ideal environment.Miracle Mud also contains anaerobic microorganisms that denitrify the aquarium leading to a pristine home for your fishes and corals. Further proven benefits from the usage of Miracle Mud include: Reversal of head and lateral line erosion (HLLE) in fishes. Restoration and maintenance of fish and coral`s health and vibrant colors. Compatibility in various types of aquariums (fish-only tanks, coral-only tanks, or small polyped stony (SPS) reef tanks) Natural denitrifier. 5 lb container