Calcium Dusting Powder 200g

Calcium Dusting Powder 200g Price: $17.28 (as of 16/08/2022 22:53 PST- Details)


Komodo Cricket Dust Calcium Supplements are designed to help you ensure your reptiles diet meets all his calcium requirements. Calcium deficiency is one of the main health issues for pet reptiles. Komodo Cricket Dust is 99% pure calcium. The fine calcium powder will stick easily to most reptile live foods, ensuring a good uptake by your pet. Dust live foods with Komodo Cricket dust just before feeding to your reptile. Suitable for Use as a calcium supplement for insectivorous reptiles and amphibiansUse alongside adequate UVB lighting Dusting on any reptile live food Reptiles (bearded dragons, water dragons, leopard geckos, chameleons, turtles etc) Insectivorous Amphibians