Bubble Magus Digital Color Screen Salinity Meter

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Features: 1.Large Color LCD Display Screen 2.High Resolution Measurement Reading 3.Precision Measurement Value 4.Automatic Temperature Compensation 5.Water Temperature and TDS Reading 6.Manually Calibration Setting & Include Calibration Solution 7.Vibration Alarm for Test Start and Completion 8.Low Battery Reminding Function 9.Life Water Resistance 10.Contains Calibration Solution and Battery Work Theory: Electronic Conductivity Measurement Measure Range Temperature 0 ~ 50℃ Salinity 0 ~ 50ppt Specific Gravity 1.000 ~ 1.043 TDS 0 ~ 300 ppm Resolution Temperature : 0.1℃ Salinity : 0.1ppt Specific Gravity : 0.001 TDS:1PPM Measure Tolerance temperature :±0.5℃ salinity :±1.5ppt specific gravity :±0.001 TDS: ±3% FS (full scale)