Borneo Hanging Vine 40cm

Borneo Hanging Vine 40cm Price: $43.41 (as of 24/06/2022 14:28 PST- Details)


Komodo Habitat Silk Plants ? Borneo Hanging Vinerealistic Replicas Of Natural Lianasliana?S Are Long-Stemmed, Usually Woody Vine That Roots Into The Soil At Ground Level And Uses Trees, As Well As Other Means Of Vertical Support, To Climb Up To Reach The Light At The Upper Levels Of The Forest Canopy. Lianas Greatly Add To The ‘Jungle ‘ Atmosphere Of The Tropical Rainforest And By Using The Komodo Habitat D├ęcor This Too Can Greatly Add To The Atmosphere And To A Reptile?S Enrichment When Used In Home Vivaria.There Are Three Varieties Within The Range Sumatra, Borneo And Comores. All Varieties Come In Three Different Sizes 5?, 9? And 16? With Fixing Suckers Attached. The Plants Are Made From Silk And Can Be Easily Washed Or Wiped Down.