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LORY NECTAR POWDER-” Gourmet Blend” Was created as a nutritional powder with bee pollen, dried flowers fruits, and 22 other ingredients – just add water! 3 to 4 level tablespoons per 8oz. cup of water. Added ingredient so the liquid will not separate after sitting. The formulators of this diet have been breeding parrots for 30 years and have always felt that nutrition was the number one factor in successful breeding of any living animal. They believe that humans get their nutrients from natural food sources, so should the animal we own. Eating junk food and buying vitamin tablets is not the same. This lory food is a complete balanced diet. It was formulated in the US and fine tuned by some of the biggest Aussie & US breeders. They do their own milling and packaging to control the quality in all of their products. They only use human grade ingredients in a very clean mixing environment.