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The Cylence Ultray Eartags is for use on beef and dairy cattle, even lactating dairy cattle, to control face flies, Gulf Coast ticks, and spinose ear ticks. All Mature Animals In the Herd Should Be Tagged. For Adequate Control of Horn Flies Attach One Tag Per Animal. For Optimum Control of Face Flies, Horn Flies, Gulf Coast Ticks and Spinose Ear Ticks Attach One Tag to Both of Each Animal’s Ears. Product is Effective For Up to Five Months. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Store In Cool Place In Original Container. Active Ingredients include: Beta-Cyfluthrin, Cyano (4-Fluoro-3-Phenoxyphenyl) Methyl 3-(2,2-Dichloroethenyl) 2,2-Dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate 8%. Piperonyl Butoxide 20%. Other Ingredients: 72%.