3 x ASD-2 (АСД) fraction for INTERNAL USE (A. Dorogov) (for treatment of PETS and ANIMALS: immunomodulator, oncology)

3 x ASD-2 (АСД) fraction for INTERNAL USE (A. Dorogov) (for treatment of PETS and ANIMALS: immunomodulator, oncology)

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DELIVERY DIRECTLY FROM RUSSIA (9-12 days with delivery in your hands or in your local post office, free of charge.) == To the courier delivered in your home into the hands – please write me your phone number. On him will call a courier in your country, and specify the time of delivery in your home. Or you yourself can call the office of EMS, and contact the courier: United States of America (+1 800) 222 1811 www.usps.com Or pick it up yourself at the nearest office of the courier delivery service. ========== ASD-2 fraction FOR INTERNAL USE 100ml in bottle (A. Dorogov) ASD 2: ASD 2 – from the group of immunomodulators. For the first time this was manufactured A. Dorogov. Initially, this was developed as a wound-healing, antiseptic. It was used to neutralize the negative impact of radiation exposure on the animal body. Positive feedback was given impetus to conduct new experiments. Much of the research conducted on animals, so now there is a wealth of experience on the use of this medicine in veterinary medicine. Officially ASD fraction 2 was first allowed to use only for the treatment of animals. Experiments in the use ASD have been suspended because of the death of the main developer. Composition and pharmacological action faction ASD 2: ASD fraction 2 is a sterile solution with a specific smell, mixes well with water. As part of the preparation include carboxylic acids, cyclic acid amide derivatives of aliphatic amines and compounds with sulfhydryl groups and water. At the moment the product is obtained by thermal decomposition of the various materials – bone and meat wastes, meat and bone meal. In the decomposition of nucleic acids are broken down into low molecular weight materials and structures, freely penetrating into the damaged tissue, achieve the desired result. Foundation funding is adaptogens – substances that are released from the cell before her death. Adaptogens help the damaged cells to fight for survival…..