150 Watt Ceramic Heat Emitter

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Catalina Aquarium Ceramic Heat Emitter Is The Leading Heat Emitter In The Industry! Our Heat Emitter Covers More Heating Area Than Any Other Brand. It Is Actually Sold To Many Other Manufacturers And Packaged Under Their Logo. This Will Be The Best Heat Source You Can Acquire For Your Reptile Needs. This Is Not A Light Source – 0 Lumens. Heavy Duty Insulation – One Of The Thickest Ceramic Heat Emitters Around. Our Heat Emitter Was Created Specifically For Reptiles. Under This Direct, Sustainable, Even Source Of Heat, Your Reptiles Will Thrive. Our Heat Emitter Is One Of The Most Powerful On The Market And We Recommend An 8 1/2 Inch Or 10 Inch Dome With A 250 Watt Ceramic Socket. To Totally Control The Temperature Of Your Vivarium, We Recommend Using A Ca Thermostat Which Automatically Monitors And Maintains The Correct Temperature For Your Reptile’s Habitat. Always Use A Thermometer So That You Can Monitor The Temperature Inside The Tank.
Reliable Energy Source
Long lasting
Energy Efficient
Heavy Duty
Not a light source – use with an 8 1/2 inch or 10 inch dome